Production Management

PO management

Production tracking by advance tracking tools, from raw material order, production planning, packaging material, production start and final assembling. To achieve On-Time shipment goal.

Global Sourcing

We are open to source per customer’s request under trend right product with cost structure and should cost analysis

Model flexibility : from high touch original design to complete outsourcing.

Product Development

We offer :

  • Own range under ‘Kidz Infinity’ Brand
  • OEM
  • Customer’s Private Brand

Design and Engineering coordinate to hit designated price point

Assortment plan and Pricing Strategy, high low promo strategy

Milestone and product development calendar creation.

Stream and optimize process to reduce lead time.

Sku Rationalization and Optmization

Facilities Assessment

Production Facilities performance.

Geographical analysis.

Engineering with cost and technical expert to acquire great level of efficiency during development phase.

Social Compliance & Ethical

International Policy and Standard verification – ICTI, BSCI, SA8000, FCPA, GSV

Quality Assurance

Performance scorecard creation, monitoring and progress plan

Conduct product design & safety evaluation and risk assessment with 3rd party accredit testing laboratory before placement

International testing protocol and regulation definition

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